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Personal Loan

Oct 8, 2015

"Google, like an answer to everything, led me to Loanmeet. I could feel that the first call was very professional and the person on the other side of the call had that pitch of a banker. What I am most moved about by Loanmeet is its process-oriented practice. It doesn’t need me to verbalize that they had been proactive all along the documentation process. There is definitely something different about it from the banks that follow a tedious process. I am glad to see an end-to-end platform so genuine that could help me out solving my problem."


Personal Loan

August 15, 2015

"I was browsing looking for peer-to-peer lending platform for a loan and it was then when I found one of the employee’s phone number of LoanMeet. Honestly speaking, I usually don’t trust online platforms, I’m sure most of the people don’t. The thing is I have had really bad experience earlier before I came in touch with LoanMeet. I had a few parameters in mind but when I talked directly to the founder, I felt very convincing. I found LoanMeet exactly at the time I needed the most and I would rate it 5 on 5."

Featured Lender
Ram Chandra

"My experience at LoanMeet has been good. The borrower portfolios were well-arranged and specifically informative to help me come to a decision."


Personal Loan

September 12, 2015

"I was searching online for personal loan when I found Loanmeet’s phone number. The first call was good, although I was skeptical whether it is going to work-out or not. I kept calling many times on account of this doubt that was hovering over me, but they were very patient and helpful. Initially I found it difficult to understand the investor concept but the documentation process was also smooth on my part.I used to visit the office when needed, and if I couldn’t, they visited my place. Yeah, it took a little more time than I expected but now I feel really good,in addition to that, the interest is low, you need not worry that it would keep growing. I feel confident that Loanmeet would rise high."