Small Business Loan for
Restaurants, Food and Beverage

What we do

LoanMeet is a peer to peer lending platform that provides small enterprise finance(SEF loans) to SMEs in India. We offer flexible short term loans that can be used to purchase inventory, service new orders or business expansion.

3 step process

Dead simple application process. Just provide personal details, financial details over here and you are done.

24 hour loan approval

Quick approval turnaround. Small loan disbursal period.

Minimum Documentation

Get started with just your bank statements and VAT returns.

FoodTech focused finance

F&B being one of our focus areas rest assured you would get the best rates and services for your financial needs.

Franchise Financing

Get short term loans of 1 lakh - 5 lakh for expansion of current franchise owned business. Loan tenure can be 3-18 months. No collateral required. Only bank statement and VAT returns required.

Working Capital loans

Get a credit of upto 80% of your invoice value. Flexible repayment period. Flexible loan pre closure option.

Your profile is analysed by our team and a range of rate of interest rate is suggested to the lenders, ensuring you are offered a loan with a fair rate of interest. The APR charged on the loan starts from 12 %. For high risk borrowers, the highest APR would be 30%. Loan tenure would be anywhere from 3 months to 36 months.

You can pre-close your running loan at any point of your time and save on your interest payment. No pre-payment fee.

Rs 1000 as processing fees on registration or after registration. We will refund you Rs. 500 if we could not get you a loan. EMI calculation for loans of fixed tenure of 1 year is shown below.

Principal Interest rate Monthly EMI Processing fee
1,00,000 12% 8,884 1,000 + 3%
2,00,000 25% 19,008 1,000 + 3%
2,00,000 20% 18,526 1,000 + 3%

Once you complete the registration process, your profile is analysed in terms of loan affordability, eligibility, creditworthiness and number of other factors. Once your loan application is approved, it is listed on our platform for individual investors. Loans are funded through a simple bidding process amongst registered investors.

₹ 1,50,00,000+ Loan Disbursed

4500+ Borrowers

570+ Investors