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How LoanMeet works ?

LoanMeet is a peer to peer lending platform that borrowers can use to raise to get a personal or business loan from lenders. The lenders earn more than market rates for these loans, and it is a win-win for everyone. The process is simple, easy to use, and quick. Most qualified borrowers would get the desired loan amount in a week.


1. Registration of Borrowers

  1. Enter basic details
  2. Enter loan details
    • The borrowers will enter loan amount, purpose of loan, proposed interest rate on loan, and loan period.
    • We will verify your credentials, and perform multi-step credit check.
    • The LoanMeet platform will automatically reach out to the selected lenders.
    • You will also have option to select few lenders.
    • Before the loan is finalized, both lender and borrower will have an option to modify the loan terms.

2. Registration of Lenders

    • Enter your Basic Details, and the amount you wish to lend.

3. Loan Document on Stamp Paper

    • After the loan terms are finalized, we will put together a loan agreement between the borrower and lenders on a Stamp Paper, and ask all parties to sign the document.

4. LoanMeet Dashboard

    • It will have two views - one for borrower, and one for lenders.
    • The lenders can track their loans.
    • The borrowers can check the upcoming payment dates.
    • The system will send automatic reminders to borrowers about the payment date.
    • After receiving each loan payment, the lender is notified.