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Borrower Questions
  • lock_openI am a Borrower. What should I do to get a loan ?

    Kindly register at the site, and provide us information about your loan. Once we have all the information, we will start our magic, and help you get the loan.

  • lock_openHow much can I borrow from LoanMeet?

    You can get a personal loan up to Rs. 25 L, and business loan up to Rs. 60 L. For higher ticket loan, please reach out to [email protected] We have partnered with leading Banks, NBFCs, and private lenders to provide you the loan.

  • lock_openHow much can I borrow?

    For Personal loan: Between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 25,00,000 For Business loan: Up to Rs 60,00,000.

  • lock_openOver what time frame can I borrow?

    Minimum of 3 months, and Maximum of 10 Years

  • lock_openWhat document do I need to provide for personal loan?

    Below is the list of documents. 1. PAN Card 2. Government Issued Id – Aadhar Card, Voter’s Id, Passport, or Driver’s License 3. Address Proof – Electric Bill, Mobile Bill, Gas Bill, Rental Agreement, or any government issued id with address 4. 3-months of Pay Slips, or ITR of last year, or 5. 12-months of Bank Statements

  • lock_openWhat document do I need to provide for business loan?

    Below is the list of documents. 1. Last two years of IT Returns, and Financial Statements 2. 12-months of Bank Statements 3. PAN Card of Individual and Company 4. Address Proof of Individual and Business

  • lock_openWhy should I borrow at LoanMeet ?

    The answer is simple. We will first try to get you the loan from banks and NBFCs. If you do not meet their eligibility criteria, then we would get you a loan from an individual at an attractive interest rate. We have given loans to individuals earning less than Rs. 20 K per month, and we have given loans to individuals whose CIBIL was below 600. We can cover entire spectrum of lending institutions – banks, NBFCs, individuals. Trust us, we will get you a loan at a lower interest rate.

  • lock_openWhat rates can I expect to pay?

    We can get you a loan at as low as 11%. Please note that lenders have the final say on interest rates, and you have the option of saying NO to the lender.

  • lock_openMy salary is low. Can I still get a loan?

    Yes, you can. Irrespective of your salary, you can get a loan at LoanMeet.

  • lock_openI had a loan settlement two years ago. Can I still get a loan?

    Yes, you can. We consider your recent credit history, not what happened five years ago. We have given loans to a number of individuals who had settlements in the past.

  • lock_openI want to change the terms and conditions of loan after taking the loan money.

    Sorry, we cannot do that. The loan agreement is a legal document, and we cannot modify it.

  • lock_openCan I repay my loan early if I like?

    Yes, you can.

  • lock_openI live outside of Bangalore. Can I get a loan from LoanMeet ?

    Yes, you can.

  • lock_openCan I make one-off payments?

    Yes, you can.

  • lock_openCan I change the amount I want to borrow after applying?

    Yes, you can.

  • lock_openWill LoanMeet share my information with any other third party?

    No. We will never share any confidential information of our lenders/borrowers with any third party without their consent. We understand that you have trusted us with you confidential information, and your personal and credit information is secured in three layers of security.

  • lock_openHow does LoanMeet check my credit?

    Your bank statement tells us about your income and expenses. In addition to that, we verify and analyze the information provided by you.

  • lock_openWhy was my listing declined?

    It could be due to variety of reasons. Please do not lie on your loan application.

  • lock_openWhat happens in case of delayed or non-payment of EMI?

    In case the EMI is not paid by the due date, additional penal interest of 2% p.m. will be applied to the amount due for the duration of delay which Borrowers will be liable to pay their Lender(s) + collection charges of Rs. 500 will be charged to the Borrower by LoanMeet. In the worst case scenario, LoanMeet will facilitate the collections through empaneled agencies. These are reputed collection agencies that are empaneled by any bank and financial institutions. This also includes legal process for recovery of funds if required.

  • lock_openI have defaulted on loan payments before, or Banks/Financial Institutions have rejected my loan application. Can I borrow on Lendbox?

    Yes, you can get a loan from LoanMeet. If you delayed payments for genuine reasons or the default was long time ago, then we could still get you a loan.

  • lock_openHow are the EMI payments calculated?

    The EMIs are calculated based on the principal amount, loan interest rate, and tenure of loan. Your EMI payment will remain same throughout the loan period. It will never go up, even if RBI raises its interest rates. The first installment will depend on the date of loan disbursal.

  • lock_openWhat information about me is shared with lenders?

    The approved lenders will see the financial information provided by you.

  • lock_openAre there any hidden charges?

    No. We explain our pricing to borrowers before the loan is disbursed to you.

  • lock_openCan my loan request be terminated or reviewed at any stage?

    Yes, if at any stage the information furnished by you or the verifcation(s) initiated by us are found to be incomplete, fraudulent or unverifiable then funding request is terminated.

  • lock_openCan I repay my loan early if I like?

    Yes, you can.

  • lock_openCan I choose my monthly repayment date?

    No, the repayment date is usually before 10th of every month.

  • lock_openWhat is the tenure of loans on LoanMeet.com?

    Minimum of 3 months, and Maximum of 10 Years

  • lock_openWhat rates can I expect to pay?

    The interest rates start at 11%.

  • lock_openWhy can’t I find a Lender?

    You may not be able to avail a loan if there are no Lenders making offers to you basis the financial information and requested funds you have posted on your profile.

  • lock_openWhat is my credit score?

    LoanMeet does not provide you with your credit score. You may contact CIBIL and order your credit report for yourself.