Our Values

Irrespective of salary, color, or religion, we will treat every customer with respect. We will listen to our customers, apologize for our mistakes, and build long-term relationships. We will accept our employees for who they are, and respect them. We will always encourage suggestions from employees, and let them experiment with new ideas.

It is completely OK to fail, and start all over again. To our investors and board of directors, we will always tell truth, and provide timely update, good or bad, to them.

Our Mission

We at LoanMeet aim to empower the entire Indian population to accomplish their dreams by providing personal and business loans to them.

Our Vision

By 2018, we aim to provide personal and business loans to all individuals and small businesses from all Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 cities.

Sunil Kumar

CEO amd Co-founder

IIT Mumbai Graduate; MBA from Xavier university, Cincinati; 15 Years of Work Experience; Worked in technology at Mercedes-Benz and other companies; Worked in risk department of Bank He is the one who has assembled our crazy bunch and transformed it into a superbly functioning team. A passionate leader. An awesome mentor. A workaholic. Had a beautiful life in United States but he thinks that personal financing in India needed an uplift as a vast majority of Indians still don't have access to bank loans and are stuck with a non transparent, unfair lending system. He has promised us that soon (but not soon enough for us) we will have a beer keg in our office.


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