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Types of Loans

LoanMeet provides multiple types of loans to its customers. Please go through each section for more details.

Personal Loan

This loan can be used to get a loan for personal purpose. It can be used for wedding, personal emergency, or purchase of property. It is similar to personal loan offered by banks. Please do not lie while telling us the purpose of the loan, as our lenders do want to requirements of the loan.

Vehicle Loan

The vehicle loan can be used to purchase a two-wheeler, four-wheeler, or commercial vehicle. Unlike banks, we can provide you a loan with 0% down payment.

Credit Consolidation Loan

We can consolidate your credit card payment into a single loan. Please note that if you have a history of default/settlement then you would not qualify for this loan. Also, you should not be too late on your payments.

Home Improvement Loan

The Home Improve loan can be used to fix your house, improve the looks of your rooms, or add new rooms.

Rental Deposit Loan

This loan can be used to pay rental deposit amount to your landlord.

Business Loan

The business owners use business loans to expand their current business. For this loan, the funding for loans comes from banks and NBFCs.

Medical Loan

The medical loans can be obtained for medical or emergency reasons. We understand the emergency for this loan, and we try to disburse this loan ASAP.