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General Questions
  • lock_openWhat is LoanMeet?

    LoanMeet is India's leading platform that provides loans to good credit-worthy borrowers by connecting them to investors, Banks, NBFCs, and Individuals. At the end of the day, it is win-win situation for everyone as borrowers get loans at low interest rates, and lenders enjoy good returns on their investments.

  • lock_openCan I get a loan from LoanMeet?

    All Indian nationals with a bank account can borrow from LoanMeet. Please see the Borrowers section for more detailed answers.

  • lock_openCan I lend or invest my money on LoanMeet?

    All Indian nationals with a bank account can lend\invest at LoanMeet. If you are a bank or NBFC or fnancial institution, then please reach out to us at [email protected] Please see the Investors's section for more detailed answers.

  • lock_openWhere is your office ?

    We are working from Bangalore. We will soon have branches in other cities. Below is our address.

    Prestige Blue Chip, No. 9 Hosur Road
    Opposite Christ College
    Bangalore, Karnataka 560029, India
    Phone NO: 91-7259355400
    We can be reached at 7259-355-400, or [email protected]

  • lock_openIs LoanMeet regulated, or comes under preview of RBI ?

    LoanMeet is a marketplace, and it does not disburse loans from its own books. It is any other marketplace platform where two parties enter into a transaction. That's why it does not come under preview of RBI. Having said that, RBI will soon come up with guidelines on P2P lending, and alternative lending platforms.